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contract conclusion is DIGITAL

The efficient and legally compliant conclusion of contracts is of crucial importance for companies. However, drawing up contracts manually requires a lot of time and resources, and legal certainty is not always guaranteed. In addition, fewer and fewer staff are available for increasingly complex tasks. This is where it pays to automate processes.

The use of AI-assisted contract flows offers innovative solutions for automating contract creation and management in your company. The combination of automation technology with extensive expertise in contract law results in complete solutions that are not only efficient and accurate, but also legally compliant. AI-assisted contract creation supports companies in collecting the right data, selecting the right clauses and taking legal requirements into account.

Software for contract management

Efficient and legally compliant contract creation is a decisive factor for companies. An efficient contract flow ensures the smooth processing of business-relevant transactions and minimizes the risk of additional costs that can arise due to errors and delays in the process.

Manual contract creation requires a lot of time and resources and is also prone to errors. Legal certainty is also not always guaranteed. The use of contract management software creates an innovative solution for the automation of contract creation and management. This guide presents our approach and explains the functions, benefits and possible applications.

The UNOY Conduct Flow

The UNOY contract flow is an AI assistant (KAPP) operated on the UNOY no-code platform that helps companies to automate the entire contract creation process with customers. As a rule, it automates the conclusion of legally compliant standard contracts. From recording the contract data to the final signature, all steps are handled efficiently and in compliance with the law.

The contract flow combines advanced automation technology with extensive expertise in contract law. This enables companies to save time, resources and costs and also work in a legally compliant manner. UNOY Contract Flow offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to create and manage contracts quickly and easily.

How it works:

The UNOY contract flow makes it easy to record the contract data (subject matter of the contract) and the contracting parties. The relevant clauses are automatically selected on the shelf using AI. Subsequently, approval processes are automated to ensure that contracts are reviewed and approved by the relevant persons before they are finalized. The contract flow also supports signature cycles to ensure that all required parties sign the contract before it is finalized. In addition, the UNOY contract flow offers a selection of predefined clauses to save time and ensure that all legal requirements are met. The captured contract data can be seamlessly transferred to target systems and integrated into existing processes. UNOY Contract Flow also offers a clear and user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create, edit and manage contracts.

The intuitive user interface makes it easy for employees without extensive legal knowledge to create contracts and comply with legal regulations. By automating contract processes, companies can save time and resources while ensuring that all contracts are legally compliant.

Legal aspects of the UNOY contract flow

When drawing up contracts, it is important to take the legal requirements into account. The UNOY contract flow ensures that the contracts created comply with the applicable legal provisions. It offers comprehensive rights management and access control to ensure that only authorized persons can access the contracts. If required, UNOY can also offer the contract flow with a technical evaluation of the contracts to ensure that they are legally correct and can be optimized.

The UNOY contract flow helps companies to minimize legal risks and improve compliance. By automating contract processes, human error is reduced and contract creation becomes more efficient. Companies can be sure that their contracts are legally compliant and meet all relevant legal requirements.

Use Cases

The UNOY contract flow can be used for a variety of contract types. One example is the car purchase contract flow, which automates the entire car purchase contract process for a car dealership. As a result, all relevant information is recorded and correctly inserted into the contract. Another example is the rental contract flow for a property management company, which simplifies the creation of rental contracts and ensures that all legal requirements are met. The contract flow can also help with the automation of employee contracts and the creation of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to adequately protect confidential information. The UNOY contract flow can be customized to meet individual requirements and thus offers a wide range of application options. UNOY Contract Flow offers companies the opportunity to optimize their contract processes and save time and resources. By automating contract creation and management, companies can work more efficiently while ensuring that all contracts are legally compliant. Companies can adapt the contract flow to their specific requirements and thus increase efficiency and productivity. The captured contract data is structured and can be easily transferred to target systems via API/interface.

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Implementation and Benefits of the UNOY Contract Flow

The UNOY contract flow can be implemented quickly and easily with our out-of-the-box solutions. Individual adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Companies can start using and creating contracts straight away without having to go through long implementation phases. Thanks to the no-code features, the involvement of the IT department is minimal. This also relieves the IT department. The UNOY contract flow can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and processes to ensure a smooth transition. By using the UNOY contract flow, companies can save time and costs. The automation of contract creation reduces the manual workload and minimizes the risk of errors. In addition, the UNOY contract flow offers improved cost transparency and enables companies to better plan their expenses.

By managing contracts centrally, companies can also improve compliance and minimize legal risks. Customer success stories show that UNOY Contract Flow is already being used successfully in various companies. Companies report significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy and compliance. UNOY Contract Flow offers numerous benefits and is continuously being developed to meet the needs of companies.

Integration of various Signatures

With Unoy, advanced technologies such as the qualified electronic signature (QES) can also be integrated. The QES, the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature, is 100% legally equivalent according to the eIDAS regulation and meets the highest quality criteria. However, it must be carried out using a qualified signature creation device and two-factor authentication. In Austria, for example, this is implemented with the Handy-Signatur (ID Austria). The QES offers maximum security and trust for contracts with a legal requirement for written form and high evidentiary requirements. It can also help to maximize the probative value of informal contracts and minimize risk. Unoy also enables the integration of advanced electronic signatures (FES), which allow the signatory to be clearly identified in addition to the simple digital signature. This is usually used for contracts without a written form requirement, such as rental agreements or simple employment contracts. The simple electronic signature (EES) can also be integrated for informal documents without liability risks. However, it has no probative value and cannot replace a written signature, as it does not include identification. A common example of a simple signature is an uploaded photo or a scan of a signature that is placed on a document.

Advantages of the UNOY Contract Flow

The UNOY contract flow offers companies numerous advantages over conventional solutions. These include:

  • Efficient contract management
  • Legally compliant contracts
  • Minimization of errors
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Structured data transfer
  • Recording of the contractual partner’s data
  • Release processes
  • Selection of clauses
  • Data transfer to target systems
  • Use of the correct and up-to-date contract templates
  • Scalability ready for immediate use
  • Rights management
  • 100% automated creation
  • API for transferring contract data
  • Guidance for employees
  • Fixed monthly price
  • Integration of data from company systems via API
  • Fast implementation
  • Professional evaluation on request
  • Fixed monthly price
  • Signature cycles

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