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Logistics – Supported by AI

UNOY offers a flexible solution with numerous templates for possible logistics applications. Use our pre-built KAPPs or design your personal KAPP, according to your needs. We know no limits – you can use as many apps as you like to drive the digitalization of your logistics processes to perfection. Find some examples of usage below and get started!

Vehicle & departure control

  • Benefit from fast logging during your vehicle and departure checks and shorten the downtime of your lorries.
  • Improve the documentation of your load securing and plan your resources more efficiently.
  • Get immediate information on current deliveries and departures and a data overview per customer with just one click.
  • Overcome language barriers with clearly legible and fully completed handover reports.

Inspection of incoming & dangerous goods

  • Achieve a simplified and accelerated documentation process for your inspections of incoming goods and dangerous goods.
  • Systematically organise your documentation and send it directly to your respective claimants.
  • The improved documentation process helps you avoid recourse claims and increase your cash flow.
  • Receive quick feedback on your incoming goods and process orders successfully.

Damage recording & complaint control

  • Easily record your damage digitally and forward it quickly.
  • Achieve efficient processing of transport damage or complaints and save valuable time.
  • Forward your recorded damage to your clients and service providers seamlessly and without media discontinuity, thereby enhancing your reputation.

Save time & money

The digital recording of data and on-site processing saves your employees up to 50% of their working time – for example in the maintenance and servicing of wind turbines, photovoltaic systems and the general energy grid, as well as in the integration of smart metering systems.

Minimize errors and save time by being able to retrieve data easily and accurately at any time.

Further use cases for UNOY-KAPPs

  • Pallet and transport control
  • Complaint recording
  • Returns
  • Repeat orders
  • Spare parts supply
  • Driver analysis
  • Warehouse tours
  • Proof of delivery
  • Route maps
  • Work instructions
  • Order entries
  • Stocktaking
  • Acceptance logs
  • Customer and driver feedback
  • Shelf inspection
  • Quality management
  • Service provider control
  • Checklists (e.g. for repairs)
  • Working time recording
  • Goods inspection

How other industries use UNOY

Service / Plant construction

Thanks to apps, mobile technicians benefit from standardised forms and checklists as well as fast processing of documentation without rework.

UNOY for the construction industry
Construction industry

The mobile construction industry is relying more and more on health and safety apps and construction reporting apps and thus ensures compliance with important guidelines.


Mobile data capture via app optimises incoming goods, vehicle inspection and minimises recourse claims.

Give your forms superpowers!

UNOY is the tool developed for no-coders and everyone who want’s to get things done easy and fast.

AI assistants (KAPPS) for smart logistics

Logistics through the use of AI assistants (KAPPS)

Logistics faces the challenge of introducing optimised processes and technological advancements to ensure the efficient management and organisation of supply chains. Simple and efficient handling of digital and structured data is crucial in order to meet the diverse requirements. Compliance with legal regulations such as the Supply Chain Act is just as challenging.

This is where the UNOY AI assistants (KAPPs) come into play. With their support, you can improve your logistics processes and drive forward the digital transformation.

The use of AI assistants (KAPPs) offers numerous advantages for logistics companies and specialised personnel. They enable up to 100% automation while ensuring 100% compliance with legal requirements.

With UNOY AI assistants (KAPPs), you can implement smart and digital processes immediately. You have the option of using ready-made AI assistants (KAPPs) for various application areas such as notifications in accordance with the Supply Chain Act, damage recording & complaint control, incoming goods & dangerous goods control and much more. Alternatively, you can also create your own customised assistants.

Some concrete examples of the use of AI assistants in logistics are vehicle & departure control, incoming goods & dangerous goods control and damage recording & complaint control. You can save time and resources by digitally recording data and automating processes. This is particularly relevant for the optimisation of truck logistics, the efficient handling of goods and the rapid processing of claims.

Logistics requires not only technological innovations, but also optimised processes. The efficient handling of digital and structured data is a key success factor. This is exactly where the UNOY AI assistants (KAPPs) come into play. They support you in meeting the requirements of logistics and optimising your processes.

Take the opportunity and get started with UNOY today! Benefit from the advantages of digitalised logistics and use AI assistants (KAPPs) to make your logistics processes more efficient.

As much (or as little) help as you want.

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By 2024, organisations that have adopted an intelligent composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation.

— Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.