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Facility management

Manage your entire workforce and production process with ease and efficiency right from your manufacturing management app.

Run your cleaning company spotlessly

Manage your cleaning business efficiently and confidently, knowing your team always is on time and delivers top services with your all-in-one cleaning staff app.

Checklist KAPP

In property management, digital checklists for inspecting and checking the condition of the system or property help with quick recording and AI assistants help with compliance with important regulations. 100% compliant and documented.

Documentation KAPP

You create the best KAPPS for documentation! Customise fields, descriptions and sketches according to your requirements and receive tailor-made data immediately in your back office. Nobody documents faster and more individually!

Data capture KAPP

Make work easier for your employees with a mobile data capture app. Defined fields, logic and calculation functions as well as fast multimedia recording with a mobile phone motivate and increase productivity.

Forms KAPP

Use your form apps and the report function to create finished contracts and handover reports that are sent to you by e-mail. Nothing stands in the way of direct further processing.

Integrate your forms and checklists

Integrate your forms, checklists and frontends with other no-code solutions like Hubspot and Salesforce. Send emails and trigger actions when processes are done, decisions are made, or documents are ready.

Connect UNOY with other no-code solutions

Further use cases for UNOY-KAPPS

  • Maintenance
  • Meter reading recording
  • Inspection schedules
  • Road safety checklist
  • Spare parts supply
  • Logbook
  • Inspection rounds
  • Fire protection
  • Occupational safety
  • Work instructions
  • Order entry
  • Inventory
  • Acceptance protocols
  • Property inspection
  • Fault messages
  • Quality management
  • Service provider control
  • Checklists (e.g. for repairs)
  • Working time recording
  • Green maintenance / winter service

How other industries use UNOY

Service / Plant engineering

Thanks to apps, mobile technicians benefit from standardised forms and checklists as well as fast processing of documentation without rework.

UNOY for the construction industry
Construction industry

The mobile construction industry is relying more and more on health and safety apps and construction reporting apps and thus ensures compliance with important guidelines.


Mobile data capture via app optimises incoming goods, vehicle inspection and minimises recourse claims.

Give your forms superpowers!

UNOY is the tool developed for no-coders and everyone who want’s to get things done easy and fast.

AI assistants (KAPPS) for smart building management

Facility management faces the challenge of introducing optimised processes and technological advancements to ensure efficient property management. It is crucial to enable simple and efficient handling of digital and structured data in order to meet the diverse requirements.

This is where the UNOY AI assistants (KAPPs) come into play. With their support, you can improve your processes and drive forward the digital transformation in facility management.

The use of AI assistants (KAPPs) offers numerous advantages for facility managers and specialised staff. They enable automation of up to 100% while ensuring 100% compliance.

With UNOY AI assistants (KAPPs), you can implement smart and digital processes immediately. You have the option of using out-of-the-box AI assistants (KAPPs) for various application areas such as maintenance, servicing, documentation and data collection. Alternatively, you can also create your own customised assistants.

Some concrete examples of the use of AI assistants in facility management are the maintenance of facilities, the documentation of work processes and the recording of data.
By digitally recording data and completing tasks on site, your employees can save up to 50% of their working time. This is particularly relevant in the maintenance and repair of buildings and systems.In addition, AI assistants support you with the integration of smart metering systems.Facility management requires not only technological innovations, but also optimised processes.The efficient handling of digital and structured data is a key success factor. This is exactly where the UNOY AI assistants (KAPPs) come into play.They support you in meeting the requirements of facility management and optimising your processes.

Take the opportunity and create your own UNOY AI assistant (KAPP) in just 30 minutes with UNOY! Get started today and benefit from the advantages of digitalised facility management.

As much (or as little) help as you want.

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By 2023, organisations that have adopted an intelligent composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation.

— Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.

UNOY gives you the simplicity of no-code but the power of a development team.