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UNOY AI-Assistants

UNOY - No-Code Automation Platform
XiTrust the esignature company
Parkside Interactive
Universities of business and economics - Vienna
FairPlane - Air passenger rights
Skribe Attorneys at Law GmbH

Build, deploy and manage powerful AI assistants (KAPPS) with UNOY.

Begin your journey today, as UNOY is accessible to everyone!

Business & Automation

Create next level conditional forms, checklists & frontends that people enjoy to use. Combine expertise and AI models.

Law, Tax & Compliance

Get started now with your AI-supported digital workforce!

Med & Lifescience

Turn expert compliance and regulatory knowledge into interactive self-service tools.

Latest UNOY Features

UNOY Database
Coming soon!

The information is stored in a user-friendly manner, facilitating effortless data management.


Access your personal digital assistant 24/7 to enhance service scalability and expedite customer support.

Server KAPPS

Automate work seamlessly with background Server KAPPs. They process data independently via API, no user input needed.

100% Compliance

UNOY ensures the necessary (legal) compliance in task completion. The AI assistants (KAPPS) ensure that your employees adhere to applicable legal requirements and avoid making mistakes.

Domain Expertise

UNOY’s AI assistants (KAPPS) are equipped with proven domain knowledge and expertise. This allows your employees to access reliable and high-quality information and perform their tasks with professional confidence.

Increase in Efficiency

By using AI assistants (KAPPS), you can enhance the efficiency of your workflows. Tasks can be performed more accurately and quickly, saving time and resources.

Up to 100% automated

UNOY’s AI assistants (KAPPS) assist your employees in a conversational way or get the job done 100% independently with our Headless Server KAPPS.

Cost Savings

UNOY allows you to develop and deploy AI assistants (KAPPS) without the need for expensive IT professionals. This enables cost savings while benefiting from the advantages of AI.

Easy Development

With UNOY, you can create AI assistants (KAPPS) without any programming knowledge. Unlike traditional software solutions, there is no need for complex development teams or coding.


UNOY’s AI assistants (KAPPS) can be easily customised to meet your specific requirements. You can continuously optimize and improve the assistants to meet the changing needs of your company.

Fast Implementation

UNOY allows for quick and straightforward implementation of AI assistants (KAPPS). You don’t have to wait long for the completion of a complex software project.

No-code designer in UNOY
Dr Alexander Skribe

Overcome the shortage of workforce in an increasingly complex world with AI assisted work!

Our world is becoming increasingly complex, and businesses are facing a shortage of staff to tackle these challenges. AI assisted workers can help overcome these challenges.

At UNOY, we understand that businesses must effectively utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure their future existence. However, many companies lack the necessary IT professionals and experts to successfully implement complex digital transformations and AI projects.

UNOY empowers businesses to combine expertise with AI to create or deploy Out of the Box AI Assistants – we call them KAPPS.

By providing tailor-made AI assistants, flexible adaptation to individual requirements, professional security, continuous improvement, and an easy no-code solution, UNOY enables companies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workflows. UNOY supports companies in harnessing the benefits of AI, saving costs, and working in a legally secure manner.

Dr. Alexander Skribe
Co-Founder & CEO
UNOY [You Know Why]

KAPPS beat complexity automate repetitve tasks scale expertise save time make money interact KAPPture information do it more accurate work 24/7 you can trust do not leave you do it faster know why do simple & complex tasks do it independently are your digital workforce !

We use UNOY to provide faster and more accurate service to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Dr. Stephan VerdinoLegal Engineer - Skribe Rechtsanwälte GmbH

UNOY helps us to collect and validate passenger data for our air rights service. We save time, money and can adapt more quickly to the needs of the market.

Michael FlandorferCEO - FairPlane Passenger Service GmbH

With UNOY, I can simply do a lot of my unpleasant work more easily so that I have more time for more important things. This is an invaluable advantage, especially in a small company!

Stephan ZimmermannCEO - Zentronic GmbH

UNOY supports you in your daily HR tasks as an efficient and user-friendly tool. By using UNOY KAPPS, you can streamline your HR processes and improve communication with your employees, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

Syrous AbtinePartner & Co-Founder - Parkside Interactive