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No Code & AI – a perfect match

Software development used to require months or years of training to understand programming languages and frameworks. To get a satisfactory outcome, a typical software project took a team of about 5 people. A backend engineer, a frontend engineer, a UI/UX designer, product owner, a scrum master, varying and depending on the project.  No code has changed this upside down. From now own even people with no coding skills at all can create their own software projects. And that are very interesting news, because the world is relying more and more on digital solutions and making it easier to deploy software projects and solutions will be a benefit for us all.

No-code platforms let users create apps by putting pre-programmed modules, operations and templates by drag and drop together, without the need of the conventional procedures of app development. It fills a gap, because it allows people with little technical skills to produce useful tools for their specific need and use cases. 

Since AI Models became available for the broad public with the beginning of 2023 it gained a lot of attention and usage. It didnt take long till the large AI firms provided API`s to have their models integrated in applications. And thats where No-code steps in as a game changer. Because now anyone will be a able to swiftly build Apps that are powered with AI by using no code development platforms. This will have a huge mpoact on the number of AI applications produced and boosting the efficiency in using these AI models.

Organizations and individuals will be enabled to improve and automate their workflows by building applications that function as AI-agents which will perform tasks independently. 

Many industries such as compliance, regulations, law, real estate, healthtec and more have a large part of the work as a cornerstone where it is about reading, understanding and applying texts. and that is exactly what AI models were built for. if you now take these and integrate them into your individual system built with no code, you can simply hand over these tasks and have them done. even better, these self-built programmes also allow you to draw conclusions about the decisions made by the AI, making them traceable. which will be a massive advantage for the industries mentioned above.

They will aid in the automation of operations, resulting in previously unheard-of levels of quality improvement, efficiency, and enhanced profitability for the companies. It will minimize risks and increase overall efficiency in organizations, allowing them to deliver faster – and at a lesser cost. Companies that recognise this will have a huge advantage over their competitors. In conclusion, with the rise of no-code platforms, businesses will be able to swiftly construct AI apps and use them for their individual purposes and give them the ability to execute various activities effectively and with high accuracy.

UNOY – connecting No Code and AI in the easiest way

Users can seamlessly leverage the power of AI through the user-friendly, no-code tool UNOY. With its built-in AI capabilities, UNOY simplifies the process of integrating AI into various applications and workflows. Utilizing UNOY’s AI element, users can easily access and deploy AI models without requiring in-depth programming knowledge or expertise. UNOY provides a range of pre-trained AI models and algorithms, allowing users to perform tasks such as natural language processing, image recognition, sentiment analysis, and more. Through a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can effortlessly incorporate AI functionality into their projects. UNOY’s AI element empowers users to enhance their applications and automate complex tasks, unlocking new possibilities and driving innovation in a user-friendly and accessible manner.

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